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Automation Kit

$ 124.00

The Automation Kit is a great way to get started building IoT, home automation and other internet-connected devices.

The Automation Kit come with a great selection of useful components:

  • Particle Base : Supports and connects 4 Modulos at a Particle Photon
  • Particle Photon : WiFi enabled microcontroller
  • Display : Full color OLED Display with 3 push buttons
  • Knob : Rotation encoder, push button, and bright RGB LED
  • IR Remote : Infrared remote control transmitter and receiver
  • Blank Slate : Prototyping board with I/O pins for building your own circuit
  • Micro USB Cable
Check out some of these projects that were built with the Automation Kit! (some projects require additional components)

To get started with the Automation Kit, check out the docs and try the Display Example.