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The Motor Driver

$ 23.00

Controlling the speed and direction of motors is a breeze with the motor driver. It can power two DC motors, one stepper motor, or four single-ended devices (like solenoids).

A jumper makes it easy to switch between the 5V power supply from the base and an external power supply of up to 18V! It can deliver peak currents of up to 4A total and continuous current of 1A-2A (depending on voltage and ambient temperature).

The Motor Driver has several advanced features not found on most driver boards:

Advanced Microstepping - Microstepping drivers can control stepper motors more smoothly and precisely, and  The Motor Driver Modulo can microstep with the best of them with up to 256 microsteps per whole step!

Digital Current Limit - With the Modulo Motor Driver you can set a maximum current that can flow though the motor winding, and the driver will ensure that it's not exceeded. With a stepper motor this makes it possible to use a higher voltage power supply and get achieve greater torque than would be possible at a lower voltage. Unlike most motor driver boards, the current limit is set digitally rather than with a fiddling trim pot.

Fault Detection - The driver can detect over-current, over-temperature, and short circuit conditions. When a fault is detected, your code is notified and the driver shuts off to avoid potential damage.

WARNING: The motor driver gets hot when operating at high current loads.