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The Blank Slate

$ 13.00

The Blank slate has a perf board area where you can solder up your own circuit. It also provides 8 I/O pins which you can use as digital inputs, digital outputs, analog inputs, or PWM outputs. Like any other Modulo, the Blank Slate connects to the Modulo bus so your controller can communicate with it directly.

The Blank Slate is a great way to get started building circuits from scratch, since you only need to build the circuit for one part of your project. It also lets you use any electronic component with Modulo, like that barometric pressure sensor you've had your eye on. Or that motion sensor that's had its eye on you.

Each of its 8 I/O pins has a 150 Ohm resistor to protect it from damage by incorrect wiring.

(product differs slightly from image shown)